• Construction licence

  • Q.1 I want permission for construction of a new building in Municipal are what are the formalities I am required to do.

    You are requested to make an application addressed to the chief officer in the prescribed form-1 (Appendix A-2)applicationto Municipal Council for Building Licence,along with the details/documents mentioned in the above document. On receipt of the application you will receive letter to submit anyadditional documents required to this council and to attend this office for site inspection within15 days for accompanying the junior engineer/ Municipal engineer.After site inspection if the submissions are as per bye law you will be asked to pay the fees. If the submission are not as per the bye laws and siteis not properly demarcated your request will be rejected.Once the required fees are paid by you within the prescribed date, you will be issued a construction licence within 3 days. The licence will be incorporated with the condition,approved copy of drawings will also be issued to you.

  • Q.2.After making the application how much time is required to obtain the permission.

    If your application is as per bye law and submission are fully as per site conditions you will get licence within 60 days.

  • Q.3. Is the N.O.C. from fire department required for all projects.

    N.O.C. from fire brigade is required for

     i.Construction of Building over 15.4 mts. in height

    ii.Factories and establishment, where electric motors capacity exceeds 5 H.P. and above:

     iii.Shipyards and work-shops;

     iv.tank farm of petroleum products/POL dispensing outlets;

     v.Flammable gas godown/L.P.G. gas godowns;

     vi.Godowns and warehouse;

     vii.Public places like exhibition hall, entertainment places, dancing halls, theatres, assembly halls, sea port,airport railway station, stadium, etc. viii.Educational and institutional places; ix.Hotels, restaurants and bakeries; x.Storage places of flammable and hazardous goods or as prescribed in the building bye-law .

  • Q.4 What is the validity of Construction Licence.

    Initially Construction Licence is valid for one year, however the same has to be renewed on request.


  • Q.8. What do I have to do for renewal of Construction Licence.

    Application to be made addressing The Chief Officer for renewal of Licence in prescribed Form: 5(Application for Renewal of Construction Licence).

  • Q.9. How much time will it take to get renewal.

    After filling the application for renewal you will get the letter for site inspection within 15 days, if the Construction is as per the approved plans. The renewal Licence will be issued within 3 days after payment of fees.

  • Q.10. Whether there are any renewal charges.

    Yes, you are required to pay the fees as prescribed by the council from time to time. And if the renewal request is after the expiry of Licence the fees will be compounded as prescribed by council. The fees structure considered is as detailed below:

     (1) Application with in time limit – 25% of Construction licence fees.

     (2) Application after time limit – 50% of Construction licence fees.


  • Q.13. After construction of my house if I want to obtain occupancy certificate what I have to do?

    You have to apply in prescribed form 6 (Appendix-A6) with a completion certificate from architect (in prescribed form), completion certificate from NGPDA, N.O.C from Health Department, and Fire Department, if required and your licence shall be valid on the date of application for occupancy. On receiving of application is prescribed form, you will get a date for site inspection within 15 days. After inspection if the building is fit for occupancy as per licence condition and as per bye - law, you will be asked to fill the forms of tax. After verification of tax forms you will be asked to pay the taxes, fees, as applicable. You will get your occupancy certificate within 3 days after the payment of taxes and fees.

  • Q.14. Whether there is a time limit prescribed to issue occupancy certificate.

    30 days. If the application and certificate are in proper order. In order to process the occupancy in time you are requested to follow the below mentioned guidelines.

    1.Renew your licence.

     2.Revise the plans if the construction is not as per approved plan.

    3.Apply for occupancy only after completion of the work.

    4.Demarcate your plot boundaries with compound wall.

     5.Road widening area is to be leveled developed and shall be handed over to the Council by way of Gift deed.

    6.Follow the approved plans.

    7.Produce correct area statement for tax assessment which is with F.A.R.

     8.The architect / engineer's licence shall be valid.


  • Q.21. I want a certificate of income what I have to do?

    You have to apply in the prescribed application form along with an affidavit, copy of ration card and proof of income if any (In case of salaried employees a salary certificate and in case of tax payers -Income tax returns) The chief officer after conducting the local inquiry will issue the certificate within 7 days.


  • Q.22. I want to start some trade to obtain licence what have I to do?

    You have to apply in prescribed form along with the following documents.

    1.Ownership documents or N.O.C. of the ownerof the property / lease agreement.

    2.Certificate of health officer in case trade is connected with food articles.

    3.N.O.C. from fire emergency wherever applicable.ON receiving the application the premises will be verified and the feasibility report will be processed. There after the application will be considered/ rejected based on the feasibility report

  • Q.23. Is there a time limit to issue trade licence.

    Yes. 15 days if all the documents are in order.


  • Q.24. What I have to do to renew my trade licence?

    You are requested to produce original trade licence along with last payment receipt/ and licence already issued. Thereafter payment will be accepted, receipt issued and renewed licence will be issued. However if the council feels to verify the premise once again the same will be carried out before processing the establishment licence.


  • Q.43 What are the documents required for transfer of immovable property (i.e. shops/stall/kiosk/bancan fixa).

    The cases of transfer of shop/stall is considered only which are coming under Blood relation on submission of following documents:

    1.NOC on the stamp paper from all legal heirs of the old lessess in whose name the said shop/stall registered with this Council or succession deed.

    2.Affidavit stating that no case/dispute pending in any court of low against the said stall/shop.

    3.Death certificate in case the original lessee was expired.

    On submission of above documents file is forwarded to Municipal Inspector for verification of physical possession of the said stall/shop. After receipt of file, the same is placed before the Council for approval and after approval, the said file is forwarded to Technical Section for calculation of transfer fees and then your file along with all the documents were submitted to the Director of Municipal Administration, Panaji to convey approval.